What is Tiger Blossom? May 26 2015

We get this question a lot! 

We took two words and put them together.  These words define our cancer fighters and survivors.  

Tiger - fierce, strong

Blossom - pretty, delicate, feminine

We also love the Tiger because they all have stripes, and each Tiger's stripes are unique.  This represents our customers.  Unique women :-)

During treatment, these beautiful warriors go through so much to get rid of this awful disease.  A lot of times, their body image is destroyed in the process.  With weight gain and loss, hair loss, scars, etc, women become so focused on what they look like, they forget about that woman within.  Tiger Blossom wants to empower these women by offering a one stop shop for all of their products needed before and after treatment.  

Tiger Blossom started a program called Sisterhood of Stripes, where we host a no-cost workshop each month that introduces a healthy lifestyle and promotes a positive body image.  Through this program, women can learn new ideas to work with their body, instead of against it.  You can see more about this program at www.tigerblossomfoundation.com.  

We love to hear from you! Send us your ideas and suggestions on how we can customize Tiger Blossom for you!