Natural AromaEssential Unisex Deodorants

$ 19.99

  • Our unique natural Unisex blends are safe, effective and REALLY work! The benefit of Essential Oils is "antibacterial".

    Just 3 simple ingredients "specially formulated" :

    • Zinc Oxide,
    • Purified Water
    • High Grade Essential Oils

    It is ideal for those with sensitive skin or allergies because it does not contain any traces of aluminum, parabens, or harmful chemicals. Safe for teens and all ages.


    Anti-perspirants and salt stones contain aluminum that may clog pores with aluminum salts so that they can't release sweat. These blends work naturally with your body to neutralize the smell of the sweat by killing the bacteria that thrive on it.


    "Be safe and don't sweat it"! Choose Lynn's 4 Seasons Natural Unisex AromaEssential Fragrances Deodorant, an all natural way to feel fresh and keep you feeling and smelling fresh for hours... Order yours now!


    Lynn's 4 Seasons 2 oz spray bottles convenient for travel!

    • 24 hour protection.
    • Clinically Proven as an all-natural way to keep you feeling and smelling fresh for hours.
    • Aluminum and Paraben Free. 
    • AromaEssential Unisex scents convenient for travel. 

    Note! Bottles are labeled with winter, spring, summer and fall icons so you can determine which scent you want to use!

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