The Empty Cup Runneth Over

$ 23.99

First, the four-word diagnosis: ''You have breast cancer.''
Now what? Cindy Papale-Hammontree's The Empty Cup Runneth Over: Answers about Breast Cancer from the Experts takes the reader through it - from fear of the unknown and misconceptions to treatment and survival - step by step. Combining little understood insights and breaking scientific news from experts in the field, deeply personal testimonials from survivors, and a first-hand, emotional, real-life narrative, this all-inclusive, easy-to-read, and personal guide offers urgently needed, clearly comprehensible information for women of all ages on the devastating and potentially lethal disease.

Co-written by Sabrina Hernandez, a registered and licensed dietitian and nutrition counselor, this book, simply written and attractively illustrated, offers concrete, practical guidance and advice for facing a diagnosis that any woman can receive and increasing numbers of women do receive each year. With the input of sixteen medical authorities, the book presents and explains every treatment option available. Actress Lynn Redgrave, breast cancer survivor, hails the book as ''a hopeful, informative, and deeply emotional walk through the world of breast cancer.''

In the forward to The Empty Cup Runneth Over, Dr. Gail Ironson, a professor of psychology and psychiatry, describes the book's focus. She states Papale-Hammontree has organized the book around a series of answers to questions faced by patients and their friends and relatives when they receive a diagnosis of breast cancer. How do I deal with the diagnosis? What kind of biopsies are there? What can I expect during radiation and chemotherapy? What options are available for reconstruction? What about mammograms, prevention, and nutrition? Cindy Papale-Hammontree knows from personal experience exactly how one feels while approaching these questions. A breast cancer survivor, she received her diagnosis when she was forty-six years old. Immediately she began keeping a journal, doing research, lecturing, and sharing her insights. In this book, she communicates her personal history and provides hard facts that replace myths to help others to be less mystified, better informed, less frightened, and better prepared in facing their own battles and those of their loved ones.

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